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    FREE 7-Part Video Series
    will teach YOU unique, effective ways to create hot business leads in your local market this week!
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    IN THE 7 PART SERIES YOU WILL LEARN:* The 1 concept you must internalize and adapt to all your recruiting activities

    * Why it makes sense to sponsor new members in your local market

    * The one tool every network marketer must use, and 98% don’t

    * A unique system that will bring you pre-sold members ready to immediately join your team

    * How to set up you local prospecting system for maximum results, this is were most distributors blow it

    * The one idea that allowed us to sponsor over 100 new local team members per month and much much more!!!

    Why are we offering you this 7 Part online Video Training Program absolutely FREE?

    It give us a chance to prove to you that our methods work.  After you consistently start sponsoring new team members with the methods we teach you, we know you will want to invest in our other lead generation courses and programs.And if for some reason you don’t, you still win because you can use these methods over and over again to consistently add new members to your Team.

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    Here’s How to Get All The Fresh, Responsive, Local Prospects You’ll Ever Need For Your Business……
    And I Mean Fresh, Hot, Responsive, Qualified Prospects that will Blow The Lid Off of your recruiting efforts and commission checks!
    Dear Entrepreneur,If you can use more new downline members… and I mean Tons of new people joining your local organization monthly, I’ve got great news for you. I am going to share with you 21 powerful, inexpensive ways to bring you all the high-qualified lead you’ll ever need. The kind of leads that will rocket your business volume and make you a recognized leader within your organization.Think of what this means. Instead of pouring money down the drain trying to recruit new downline members in your organization these 21 methods are proven and were the foundation, which allowed me to develop an organization of over 60,000 distributors in every state in the US and throughout Canada. I will explain to you each and every one of these very simple and inexpensive methods so you to can duplicate theses proven recruiting systems.And that is not all, one of these techniques actually created nearly 1/2 million dollars in income for me 10 years ago and I have just updated it for the new millennium, my own organization has not even heard about this idea yet!Now, I know all of this might sound a bit incredible, especially if you’re struggling with other techniques to try and bring in more members to your downline. But I assure you that once you have all the facts you’ll be amazed how easy recruiting in your local market really can be.THE COSTLY TRUTH ABOUT SPONSORING NEW ASSOCIATES IN YOUR LOCAL MARKET…

    Why the LOCAL MARKET? There are certain rules of MLM the most have violated or seemed to have forgot in the Internet Age.RULES LIKE:

    1. Don’t go across the country to recruit someone until you have gone across the street.

    2. Build it in your backyard first.

    3. Build a Local group first then let the local group lead you to leaders in other states.

    The fellowship with other people is one of the most important aspects of our business, in home trainings, cookouts, and watching the companies newest video, are events that bond you with your group. This becomes very difficult if your organization is spread out all over the country!

    There is a myth that high quality leads local leads are hard to generate and can cost as much as $30.00 or more per lead. For most people that may be true. I understand that these days the cost of advertising, the declining quality of mailing list, increased postage cost, and stiff competition makes getting leads more expensive and far more difficult than ever before for MOST network marketing distributors.

    BUT… Not for distributors who have discovered the 21 Ways to create FREE and Low Cost Leads with the proven systems we will share with you!

    I understand if you are skeptical. If you’ve done any lead generation lately, you’ve probably produced mediocre results, if not a complete disaster.

    Lets face it, if it was so easy to pull in countless numbers of new distributors into your downline, everybody would be rich. But you and I both know that is simply not the case.

    The problem is, regardless of what your primary MLM Company is, to keep growing and increasing your bonus check, you must keep sponsoring a healthy flow of new distributors.

    With people moving, dealing with a negative spouse, switching to your competition, and dropping out of the market place as their interest change, you’re faced with a monumental challenge: either keep bringing in a steady stream of new associates or risk going out of business.

    21 Foolproof Ways to Sponsor
    More and More New Downline Members

    Fortunately, there is an answer. Over the past twenty-two years I have tested and perfected 21 powerful lead generation systems that produce explosive results. I have explained each of these foolproof systems step-by-step in my new seminar entitled 21 Ways to Create Leads in Your Local Market.

    The seminar has been recorded on 4 Video DVDs and also on 5 Audio CDs so you can learn and master them while you drive, along with a 55-page manual.

    Frankly, these deceptively simple systems work so well, you’ll never again have to worry about getting all the new distributors you need. In fact, may times when I’ve used these systems the flow of new prospects was so immense, I simply couldn’t handle it all at once and had to give dozens of leads to my downline members. I literally had to stop running some of the programs! Be prepared, you may have to do the same.

    Just as important, these 21 systems won’t cost you and arm and a leg to use either. Besides producing phenomenal results, they’re dirt cheap to put into action.

    Here’s The Difference That Makes
    This Program So Much More Profitable
    Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Seen.

    I’ll be very frank with you. Many of the lead generation techniques that are being taught and used today just do NOT work. If they did, you’d be rich, not frustrated!

    The problem is that the many of the so-called MLM gurus continue to rehash the same twenty-year-old techniques with no clue as to the emotional and psychological aspects of recruiting.

    Quite frankly, many of the gurus are nothing more than great public speakers that have never built a significant downline. But here’s something you can bank on: if those techniques aren’t working for you now, there’s no miracle that’s going to make them work any better in the future. Stick with them, and you put your business at seriousrisk.

    What is so different about the 21 Ways to create FREE and Low Cost Leads program is that twenty-two years and tens of thousands of dollars were spent to develop, test, and finely hone into these cash generating systems that will literally BRING YOU MORE NEW PROSPECTS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE.

    The best news is, the 21 Systems are incredibly simple and inexpensive to put into action. You could easily have them up and bringing in new downline members within a week! And your marketing cost are just a fraction of what you’d pay to run ordinary lead programs that get mediocre results.

    Here’s How To Start Boosting
    The Size of your BONUS CHECK Right Away

    This program was specifically designed to make sure you increase your recruiting results and profits in the shortest time possible. These powerful systems can be put into action IMMEDIATELY.

    All you need to do is spend some time and watch the videos, listen to the cassettes and follow along with the manual. Then, select the systems that best suit your business and kick them into high gear!

    Here is what a few of the people that had the opportunity to attend the live seminar had to say:


    Dale, I just received your “21 Ways to Create Local Leads” course and I am blown away by the information! Your information is very practical and within anybody’s budget.I’ve followed your training programs for some time. I purchased your “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” course a few years ago.Honestly, your training is the very best out there.
    Butch Robinson
    Springfield, Illinois
    I have had the opportunity to learn from many great teachers and trainers including Art Williams of A.L. Williams. This is the most informative seminar I have ever attended.
    Debbie Stiles
    The Training was great. I would tell anyone and everyone that is truly interested in sponsoring tons of people with little or no advertising cost to PLEASE ORDER THIS COURSE!
    Wayne Durham
    The information covered in this seminar is not theory. I learneddocumented, proven techniques that will take my business and income to the next level. I highly recommend it!
    Shari Nicholas
    In 3 hours I received more usable, grass roots, money making recruiting methods than I have learned in the past 3 years in this industry, I highly recommend this program.
    Jerry Neal
    A definite 10!
    Kay Meredith
    Dale as always you covered everything in great detail. You are “the real deal” you have done it, and you have the documentation to back it up. If you truly want to make it in your mlm business this information is priceless.
    Bonnie Armstrong
    This seminar was like attending a college semester on effective MLM Methods in a morning. This seminar will definitely but a hop in your step, and ignite your wick! This information will flat make your money!
    Peggy Newkirk
    Network Marketers must be smart enough to follow proven leaders; Dale Calvert is in a class by himself. If you are SERIOUS about achieving your goals and dreams in this industry, this course is a must!
    Frankie Siegle
    This seminar will inspire you. Do whatever you have to do to get your hands on this information. You will know you can do it after Dale gets finished with you!
    Barbars Couney
    This is a grass root, down to earth, proven information that will put any network marketer on a path to success.
    Johnny Davidson
    After being around this industry for 25 years you think you have heard and seen everything. Dale, you blew my mind today. The targeted data base idea will make me tens of thousands of dollars over the next couple of months. You are right; this idea is too good to place on a video. If you charged $10,000 for the videos of this seminar, this one idea alone is worth at least 10X that! If people don’t get their hands on these videos they will miss the hottest recruiting method I have ever heard!
    Dr. Sam Abram
    This seminar was jam packed with free and low cost advertising and recruiting ideas that will help any network marketer put their business on the fast track!
    Pat Mcendez
    This seminar will give the self-confidence you need and the absolute best ways to promote your business. We highly recommend it!
    Janice and Larry Vormbrock
    If you have any interest in really making it in your network marketing business ORDER THE VIDEOS of this seminar. I am so thankful I was able attend, and you are lucky enough to have your own private training right in your living room.
    Eric Brady
    WOW! Dale you have got to produce more training materials. Everything you do is fresh, unique, cutting edge and simply not available anywhere else. This seminar will help more MLMers have Success than anything you have done since “Programming Your Mind for Success”.
    Jeff Carlson
    Super! Buy the Videos, whatever the investment, it will be worth it!
    Mike Cantwell
    I could have easily spent the entire day listening to your insight and wisdom. You revealed many prospecting methods I had never read about or seen anywhere else and gave me a deeper understanding of those that I had.
    Neil Foster
    I am now armed with the knowledge that I KNOW WILL HELP ME and anyone else who puts these methods into action develop a strong, growing, duplicating, local MLM organization. People though I was crazy driving 7 hours for a 3 hours seminar, but those 3 hours will put thousands of dollars in my pocket over the next couple of months. Having the opportunity to own the videos without the 7-hour drive is a no-brainer. I was there, and I want my own copy as soon as they are released just charge my credit card and send them, I don’t care how much they cost!
    Debbie Broester
    A Must! Anytime Dale Calvert is within a days drive, if you aren’t there you simply miss the opportunity to be positively touched and inspired. The videos are the next best thing. Don’t put it off, YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION NOW!
    Henry and Barbara Barns
    You need this information to build a fast duplicating organizaton and the only person
    that can deliver it to you is Dale Calvert. Order the videos, or stay on the treadmill it is your choice.
    Larry Nelson.
    Excellent! Awesome ideas. I have a clear picture now on how I can develop a strong local downline.
    Jack Barnett Jr.
    Dale, anyone that has heard your information will order these videos, they know you only talk about “real world” ideas. This course definitely continues your high standard of quality training.
    Sammy and Carla Hall
    Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this training. It will absolutely change the
    way you look at prospecting and recruiting forever. IT WILL FIRE YOU UP!
    Kenny Gilland
    This training is absolutely, positively required for Success!
    Chris Curry
    Dale, I have been around this industry for 17 years and I love it. If I could have one wish for the entire network marketing industry it would be that all network marketing distributors could have the opportunity to experience your deep level of understanding about this industry. You communicate truth and reality at a level that automatically takes distributors who hear you to a higher level. I LOVED THE TRAINING and I HOPE EVERY SERIES NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON THE VIDEOS!
    Susie Powell
    It was more than obvious that you were very well prepared for this training. I think you made everyone in attendance re-look at the way they were prospecting in their business. I have no doubt that everyone that was here discovered much better and more effective ways of doing what they are doing. You could feel it in the room. Just think each of us would have continued down an unproductive path without this awesome info. Every serious network marketer needs his or her own personal copy of these videos.
    Harold Hollin
    Order the videos! Anytime you have the opportunity to learn from someone like you, a 100 Million $$$ producer, MLM distributors must do it.
    James Robey
    This training was phenomenal. I highly recommend it. If the videos of this seminar were $1,000 they would be worth every penny.
    Tim Perkins
    I feel sorry for the people that missed this event, THEY MISSED IT! Thankfully the entire seminar was preserved on video!
    Mark Rouse
    Exactly what I needed! Finally after 6 years, I have discovered a proven system for building a strong foundation and a powerful local organization, I am more than excited…..THANK YOU.
    Robin Druker
    Dale you revealed the absolute best, most cost effective ways of recruiting new associates that have ever heard. Powerful information!
    Betty Patterson
    Get the videos of this seminar, regardless if you are MLM Veteran or a Newbie. No excuse is worth missing this awesome information.
    David Cunningham
    This seminar took my understanding to an entirely different level. I hate to think I could have missed it. Please let me know, I will be at any seminar you do, anywhere within driving distance. Thanks!
    Veronica Christian
    Buy these videos and preview them with an open mind! Then prepare for your mind to be blown! New cutting-edge, awesome information that you’ve got to have.
    Kevin Parrish
    I cannot put into words what I have learned, it simply must be experienced! Awesome!
    Terry Griffith

    Here’s The Bottom Line…

    The 21 Ways to create FREE and Low Cost Local Leads course give you everything you need to hit the ground running and sponsor new distributors immediately. How many times have you heard “New distributors are the lifeblood or your business”?


    What would it be like to have the confidence of knowing your lead generation program is as effective as possible… that you never have to worry again about having enough new prospects… that, at will, you can run circles around your competition and they’ll never know what hit them.

    How would you feel to know you are one of the select few who can count on increasing your monthly bonus check month after month, year after year rather than blowing a major hole in your bank account? How would you feel having so many quality prospects that you could actually give leads to your top downline members. I know you’d feel great!

    This is precisely what you’ll gain from this powerful new course. In this very real sense, this seminar will change your life and your business forever.

    Here’s How to Get Started

    Give me 3 hours and I will teach you step by step how to build a growing, thriving, duplicating, moneymaking, LOCAL MLM DOWNLINE!



    Here is the deal, for an investment of only $197.00 I will send you 4 DVD Videos, 5 Audio CD’s and a 56 page workbook, that will teach you step-by-step how to sponsor tons of productive, excited, focused and duplicating local distributors our I will refund every penny of your investment! Heck, one new distributors can mean much more than that to you in immediate income. Remember, just ONE of the 21 systems I will share with you was responsible for sponsoring a couple that created over 1/2 million dollars in income for me!

    The question to ask yourself is who is teaching you how to develop a productive downline? I have been involved in the network marketing industry for 22 years. In a short span of only 5 years we were able to develop a network of over 142 local meetings throughout the US and Canada at a time when all the experts were saying meetings don’t work.

    53 of those meetings average 55 to 380 in attendance each and every week.


    We taught people how to build strong, local, downlines at little or no cost, the exact same methods I want to reveal to you

    I was always taught, build it in your back yard first and don’t go across the country until you have gone across the street. There is a Bible verse that says, “Don’t forsake assembling yourself together.” A strong local organization is the foundation that 90% of the heavy hitters in our industry built their business on.

    In this 3 hour seminar I will reveal to you more ways to create FREE and Low Cost Local Leads than you will learn over the next 10 years trying to figure this out on your own.

    Let me ask you a question. How many real prospects do you have in your MLM funnel right now? I will show you how to establish 40 to 67 fresh, hot, local prospects each and every month at little or no cost.

    What if you could create 40 to 67 fresh, hot, prospects in your hometown each and every month? Can you imagine the instant growth that will occur in your downline? Well You can, more easily and simply than you ever dreamed possible, and I will show you how.

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    Order now and you will receive the entire course:
    4 DVD Videos
    , 5 Audio CD’s and the 56 page workbookat the special introductory investment of only $147.00

    A savings of $50.00 over the normal $197.00 retail price!

    We both know that $147.00 investment is a real bargain when you consider that it is quite possible that your downline is only one distributor away from an explosion!

    You will also receive this RARE 3 HOUR AUDIO PROGRAM AS A FREE BONUS:

    The BEST SELLING “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire Audio Program” many people will tell you that without question that this program alone is worth your $147.00 investment and you will receive it absolutely FREE when you order your own copy of the “21 Ways to Create FREE & LOW COST Leads in Your Local Market” course.
    Ok Dale,
    I am ready to order. I understand that in my “21 Ways to Create FREE & LOW COST Leads in Your Local Market” course I will receive 4 DVD Videos and 5 Audio CD’s along with the 56 page
    workbook and the rare “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire Audio Program” as a FREE BONUS.I understand that if I am not completely satisfied I can return the entire course within 6 months for a full 100% money back refund and keep the Bonus Audio Program. On that basis, I am ordering now.

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