Free MLM Leads

The best MLM lead you can have is the one that
you generate yourself.  When you generate a
lead yourself, you are totally in control and
know how and when the lead was generated.

Some companies offer free leads as a loss leader
to entice you enrolled into their monthly lead

As the old saying goes “Their aint no free lunch” or
in this case free mlm leads.

There are multiple ways to create your own low cost
and free leads for your mlm business.  We teach 21
Ways in our best selling course and share new
methods on this blog.

The best bang for your buck as it relates to lead
generation is with drop cards.  A drop card is not
a business card.  It is basically a business card with
a classified ad printed on it.

You can find low cost business cards buy simply
doing a google search.

We have been recommending 100 dollar bill drop
cards for years and did a webinar on the topic you
can listen to here:
At less than 5 cents per card you can expect up to
10% response rate over time. People tend to hang
on to the 100 Bill Cards and call at a later date when
the timing in their life changes.  So you can expect
up to 500 LOCAL LEADS with an investment of
only $247.00 for 5,000 $100 Bill Drop Cards.

Compare that to $200 for 100 leads scattered all
over the country and many times have been sold to
10 or more network marketing distributors.

As with all prospecting methods, the question is
how many people can you expect to enroll from
500 leads?  How much front end income will that
create for you?

The power of network marketing is it provides you
backend, residual income.  I truly believe that over
time every prospecting method will enable you to
sponsor someone that will pay for every penny you
ever invest in advertising for your business.

There are many more free and low cost methods
taught in the LOCAL MLM LEADS program.  The
truth is all MLM leads are Free MLM leads when
you consider the duplication and residual income
factor over time.

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